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Lecture 2

SY102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Sweatshop

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Morgan Holmes

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Sociology January 24th 2013
•Age in general lowers power – a lack of access to money for the things young people want
result in theft and counterfeit goods
•Class and race are very powerful influences on who will be charged and who will be sentenced
-Class privileged means hat some kids never go into the court building and other kids get trapped
in there
•Youth may not have a sense of the repercussions to the things they are doing example: hitting a
car, damaging it and driving away
•Corporate violence includes sweatshop factories that are improperly wired, ventilated
Structural-Functionalists  “Strain Theory” (Robert Merton)
-Things that work (and things that don’t)
Conflict Theory (Marxist)  Social values are roughly equal (we value the same things:
prosperity, stability, cleanliness, etc.)
-But class status prevents some people from having things we value
Symbolic -Interaction
-We create the meanings in the social world as we go
-Including: status assessment and status display
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