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Lecture 1

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Morgan Holmes

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Sociology January 22nd 2013
•Mostly we receive our information through mass media
•Canada’s crime problems are going down not up
•We tend to normalize wherever were from as good
•Perceptions of crime of squewed by what is reported in the media
•The most under reported crime is sexual assault
•Women under report because they fear being blamed and men under report, even more so,
because they feel they got sexually assaulted because they are more feminine
•Parents use schools as a means to solve fights (example: if two people get into a fight off school
ground, the school normally gets informed and punishment is usually given out) Parents aren’t
making the children talk things out anymore
•Why Steal Tide Article
•Figure 4.2 – that even when crime is reported very few sentences result in prison, also tells us
that unequal access to power combines with racism to result in the native population being
grossly represents in the pemal system
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