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Lecture 11

WS100 Lecture 11: Lecture 11 violence against indigenous women

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Karen Stote

Lecture 10 th Mar. 9 /17 Violence Against Indigenous Women Missing and murdered Aboriginal women  Aboriginal women experience violence at a rate of 3.5 times higher than non-aboriginal women  Spousal abuse rate it 3 times higher than non-aboriginal women  Young aboriginal women are 5 times more likely to do the violence  Aboriginal women are 8 times more likely to be murdered tan non-aboriginal women  6 out of 10 incidents of violent crimes of aboriginal people go unreported  More than 600 aboriginal women have gone missing or have been murdered in Canada in the last 20 years (some put the number much higher) o 88% of these women were mothers o 77% of the instances of violence were of women living in urban areas What is colonialism?  Taking control of land and resources, material requirement  Seeking your own wealth as a nation in expense of others  “metropolitan nations incorporate new territories or people through processes that are essentially involuntary, such as war, conquest, capture, and other forms of force or manipulation”  “classical colonialism” vs. “better colonialism”  Canada as a setter colonial country o We are a settler colonial nations because we have a lot of settlers that came into the country  Colonialism as violence What is the Indian Act and what purpose did/does It serve?  Defines “Indian status”  Decides who is banned and governs Indian reserves  Consolidated previous legislation dealing with “Indians”  The Indian Act is a federal law that governs in matters pertaining to Indian status, bands, and Indian reserves  Made aboriginal peoples wants of federal government  Imposed band councils and criminalized many aspects of aboriginal ways of life  Defines who is a who is not an “Indian” in the eyes of the federal government  Indian defines under the
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