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Timing and History March 9.pdf

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Mark Davidson

• Trding and history • 3 wave feminismndbegan in late 1980s through the new century • Arose out of 2 wave feminism, especially the radical feminist mantra that “the personal is the political” • Areaction against- post feminism and anti feminist • Post feminism- idea that there is no need for feminism any more because women are more equal- 3 wave feminism- that’s not true • Anti feminism- agrees with post feminism in that women are equal and says that the world is now being controlled by women and that women are overly equal • You’ve come a long way baby- cigarettes ad- 1960s- you’re so equal you have you’re own cigarette brands • We still... live in heterosexist patriarchy • Have gross global inequalities • Have double days, employment inequity, sexual harassment and assault • Experience education inequality • Who are third wave feminists? • Second wave feminists who have shifted to include third wave concerns • New and younger feminists in the 20s and 30s • Women who’s concern have been ignored in previous feminists including women of colour and third world women, lesbians and queer women, differently abled • Perhaps the third wave includes space for men to be feminists too **Criticism of first wave feminism- racist • Third wave feminism= wave of difference • Third wave feminists believe that men can be feminists too, and that motion will not move w/o support of men Women’s cont
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