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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Mark Davidson

Women’s Studies- January 7 , 2010  Sex- biological term, physical differences  Reproductive, chromosomal, and hormonal  Sex is not always a way to define a person as male or female,  Genitalia can be indeterminate or missing at birth  Genitalia are occasionally injured, can be removed, can be lost  Lorena Bobbett- “missing penis”  Genitalia can refer to reproductive capacity  Chromosomes don’t work all the time- abnormal chromosomes  Jamie lee Curtis- male chromosome  Hormones  Testosterone- male  Estrogen- female  Hormone levels are widely variant- depending on history, geography, age  No room for psychological opinions of sex- transgender  Fish can change sex mid life cycle, re-designate sex  Gender- sociological term, referring to masculinity and femininity  Seen as binary- problem in societies  Some societies- female husbands, women can purchase wives  Re designate male to keep inheritance  Males can be designated as a female, so they can be male daughter, so they complete female tasks  India- three genders, intersex gender, born male, live as woman  Navaho- three genders  Gender depends on how it is understood  Different around the world, and throughout history  Gender roles- the way your gender is man
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