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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Mark Davidson

Women’s Studies- January 14th, 2010  In the beginnings- ideas about women are not confined to the people that practice that religion  Feminist theology  Revisionist theology- focuses on interpretations, women are not treated fairly in religious practices, because of interpretations of religious text  Protestant reformation- changed the view of marriage, more positive  Catholic- ideal women is a virgin  Issue of the way women are regarded in Islam- prophet Mohammed was very concerned with the treatment of women  Renovationist theology- problem isn’t just with text, its also in the way religion is practied  Have to renovate our practices, so that they are more woman positive  United churches, revamped practices- have highest percentage of female clergy  Revolutionary theology- within most religions, there is no room to be woman friendly  Revolutionizes entire faith, looks outside of the religion  Rejectionist theology- most extreme approach  Want religion, but want a religious practice that is equal  Reject monotheistic religions (god is normally male)  Tries to replace them with non sexist religions  Ancient goddesses  Freya- sexuality and power not mutually exclusive, goddess of war, sensual love and war.  nordic  Known for power and great beauty  Is married, with many lovers  Becomes primarily a goodness of love  Brigid- goddess of poetry, healing (midwifery) and domestic arts  celtic  Goddess of things necessary for survival  So popular that catholic church made her a saint to get ppl to convert, but she didn’t have powers  Once Catholicism is established, she is thrown out  Second only to Virgin Mary in Ireland  Kali- (mis)intrepration can influenceviews of goddess  Hindu  Goddess of war and the life cycle  Very popular- ironic bc her names means inaccessible goddess  Depicted as dark, wild, naked, multiple
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