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Lecture 34

WS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 34: Emotional Intimacy, VirginityPremium

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Women & Gender Studies
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Lorraine Vander Hoef

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Intimacy and the Ideology of Romance
The Politics of Sexuality
o The ideology of romance:
o The distriutio of poer i seual relatioships suh that
heterosexual relationships are understood as normative and
orgaized i suh a a that the poer e hae i soiet
gets carried into relationships and can encourage woe’s
subservience, seuall ad eotioall.
o Unequal sexual relationships also structured by race, class,
ability, education, language, ethnicity, appearance, etc.
o Emotional intimacy:
o sharig aspets of the self ith others ith the goal of
utual uderstadig
o Women often more highly skilled in emotional intimacy due
to socialization
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