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Lecture 3

WS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: High-Heeled Footwear, Hookup Culture, Corset

Women & Gender Studies
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Helen Ramirez

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Lecture 3:
February 28 Danielle Ponder 1pm or 7pm
Extra participation marks
When a person has privilege they can choose when to listen, and what they wish
to listen too
The body & violence
The way in which young white women and young racialized women’s bodies are
evaluated are different
Images and people only portray white women as beautiful in most cases
Every force of oppression has to have a counterpoint somewhere along the line
Being young is the most important part for a women, or at the least making sure
you look young
We call older women “cute”
Makeup and surgeries are a large part of a women’s routine
Corset and bra, were invented for the male population not for females: it was
used to attract men and keep them interested
Sexualization has become worse but in a different way
We pay attention to the ads at a level that we are not always conscious of
White women’s bodies are never judged in the same way as a coloured women’s
“Hook-up culture
Ads about silencing are becoming largely popular
Women are making themselves appear dumber
Women don’t do or say the things they want too
Pressure to marry someone in a specific economic level
Models, regardless of the gender, are subject to high levels of damage and
Sexual harassment is meant to show women that they are not smart enough and
will never be good enough to move up in the workplace
Women have remained largely silent for a long while about sexual
harassment because they were taught to believe that this was just the
way that it was going to be if they wanted to become successful
Rape spectrum
Beating and battering, killing, etc
Advertising is a powerful way to become educated and get messages across
Almost every aspect of popular culture has to do with advertising
People believe that they are not influenced by advertising
Most of the things we see advertised are processed subconsciously
Environment surrounds us with unhealthy images
Advertising tells us who we are and who we should be
Women learn from a very young age that we should look a certain way
Many images of women can be put together to create the perfect women in
20-30 rounds of retouching happen to achieve the perfect image of a model
Women of colour are almost never seen unless they have some aspect of
“whiteness” in them somehow
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