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Lecture 9

WS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: OrgasmPremium

2 pages97 viewsWinter 2018

Women & Gender Studies
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Helen Ramirez

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Class 9 (March 13th, 2018)
Integrated systems
o In terms of how computers function
o Moving into systems detailing what we should pay attention to
Desire around sex
The actual act of sex
Drawing on previous points
When girls are born, we start a training ground on what it means to be a girl
Little girls are taught to desire romance
o “atisfatio osidered o the otio of loe
o Waiting for the response of a guy
Story of Cinderella integrated in our social world
o Mother dead
o Evil step-mother marries father
o Brings in 2 stepdaughters
o Point is that Cinderella a servant
o Father is dead
o Teahes us ithout realizig is aitig aroud for soethig good to happe
o All of the bad characters are women
Foot-binding in china
o Wrappig little girl’s feet i loth so they would never grow
o Toes curved under
o No mobility
o Image of beauty, sexiness, and status
Boys grow up being taught that they have to learn how to objectify women (in terms of
their bodies)
Not satisfying for both
Both should orgasm, not just the boy and fall asleep
o Women thinks to herself what she is doing
No freedo for oe util they hae oplete otrol of their ody
Women desires romance NOT love, men desire sex
Edmonton jail
o 4 women
o 2 years ago
o Assumption that the bad guys are in jail
o Security raping the prisoners
o 6 men have been fired
o Got away with it for years
o Other men remained silent, allowed it to happen
Adertisig does’t just sell produts, it sells alues
Algorithms are objective
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