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Lecture 3

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Karen Stote

Week 3 Lecture 1 – Sept. 25 , 2013 Feminist Theory Theory - “Theorein” o To look at, to see, to understand o A frame – looking at the world and focusing in o A blueprint, a guide o Theory /practice Feminist theory - To understand: (ex. inequality, oppression, injustice, division of rights and responsibilities, etc.) o What is it? o How did it get here? o How do we make it go away? Change? Solutions? - France, 1910 – became positive in 1913 Feminist waves - First o 1850-1920 o Being able to vote (1920) - Second o 1960 o Depending on what is important o Major theories  Liberal  Problems o Barrier in the wave such as women in politics o Lack of education – give women same education as men and barrier has been removed o Profession – women being firefighters, police officers etc. o Laws – the ones that prevent freedom and equality for women o Mind/body, public/private o Stress on equality ignored differences  Physical, mental differences  Responsibility given to women to take care of children  Form of oppression  There’s always going to be that bias  All women can’t achieve the same level of equality as men  Women are all different o Assumes the male standard is desirable  Equality to which men?  White, rich, men being dominant “western”, non- dominant being “non-western”  Intersectionality -  Focus o Women have minds decide for self, have rights, participate in public life (not just in the kitchen), freedom, choice, women seek equality to men, this attitude is reformist (fitting women into status quo)  Solution o Remove barriers re: education, laws, politics, professions  Radical  Problems o Violence against women in the home o Women are controlled by men through sexuality  Pornography, birth o Housework (unpaid), primary responsibility for childcare  Focus o Racial = “root” (not “extreme”) o The system (patriarchy) cannot be reformed
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