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Women & Gender Studies
Karen Stote

Week 7 Lecture 1 – Oct. 23 , 2013 Cultural representations and the objectification of women What is the goal of advertising? - Ads sell more than products, they sell values, images, and concepts of love, sexuality, success, and moralcy - Tries to sell us ‘happiness’, how do we become happy? o A good family, friends, job?  Or buying a new car? A bug house? A new shade of lipstick? The newest phone?  Happiness in our consumer society is oriented toward the marketplace, and comes from the purchase of goods or services What are some of the consequences of this type of happiness? - Real source of satisfaction cannot be provided by buying goods or services o Money cant buy love  Creates a never ending cycle of consumption - Advertising becomes a ‘propaganda’ o A weapon of mass persuasion o Works to fuel economic growth o Shapes how we view ourselves and others Where can the influence of advertising be seen most readily? - Children’s play o Marketing shapes and limits children’s imaginations  Play as creative vs. imitative  Reinforced gender roles for boys and girls - Electoral politics o Politics has become about who has the best commercials, not who has the best policies  Elections as time for debate vs. building popularity through commercials - Auditory perceptions and experiences o Music videos have changed music and its meaning  Meaning as poli
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