Women, Gender & Popular Culture

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Women & Gender Studies
Lorraine Vander Hoef

Lecture 1 Monday September 12 2011 Lorraine Vander Hoet Lorraine Email lvanderhoetwluca email on my learning spaceMidterm On chapters 136Childrens Book Project Looking at feminist social construct theory look at the way culture discourses look at women Interested in the way language was used1 Narrative Reconstruction found gender problems now how will I fix them 2 Resistive Readinga Educators Guide creating a guideline where people can read the book and be able to spot the gender issues b Cultural Jam sarcasm commentary poking fun at the text dissing the text coming up with a fun way of telling the reader this is ridiculousthLecture 2 Wednesday September 14 2011 Womens Studies Midterm Chapters 1 2 36 From Textbook1 Secondwave feminism and femininity PAGE 2 2 Feminism cultural studies and popular culture PAGE 19 3 Film Studies and the womans film PAGE 38 6 Consumption and material culture PAGE 112 Disney Clips The Little Mermaid 1989 Aladdin 1992 Pocahontas 1995 Mulan 1998 Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl 2003 The Princess and the Frog 2009Disney MoviesWomen are exposed clothing is very revealing y either not wearing much clothing or wearing big gownsWomen seem to never be very confident until a man comes into the pictureWomen only seem happy once they find a manDisney movies always have to end in a happy movie manwoman end together women are expected to be wearing clothing that are acceptable to a man to be able to fit into society and be accepted black people are not targeted in any Disney moviesBlack people are usually represented as the animals in Disney movies eg Tarzan black people are described as animals monkeysThe majority of Disney movies has a hero opposed to heroinePrincess and the Frog the audience at the end of the movie has the power in the movie the woman holds the power while in fact the man was actually the only powerful figure in the movie Disney stories usually have similar stories similar problems occur and they all end the sameClassical Republican Political Theory And Binary Constructions of GenderWestern Models of Citizenship Classical Republican Theory on War and the PolisCitizenship Rights y Propertied y Male y Or Moral Character o Defined as the classical Republican war heroChristian Just War Theory y Jus ad bellum declaring war y Jus in bellum principles that limit what can happen in warBinary Construction of gender y Male citizen cv Eunuchs women slaves the otherThe Binary construction of FemininityVictorian Literary IconsThe Angel Symbolic Woman y Blonde y No independent political power y Rewarded through association with men y Angel in the House Coventry Patmore The Femme Fatale Actual historical woman y Darkhaired y Evil transgressive power y Punished for her power and independence y The New Woman the Flapper and the City DameThe Princess y Feminine y Innocent virginal young y Blonde y Attractively and fully clothed y Motherless spported by a benign fairy godmother y Gets the guyprince
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