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WS204 Lecture 1 notes

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Women & Gender Studies
Helen Ramirez

Wednesday January 9 2013 th Lecture 2 - Jobs that we affect: janitors… - Waitresses- restaurants… (the better you look the more tips you get and the even more the restaurant makes) - Difference between the word sex and gender…  Sex: arbitrary in terms of what we think… (not clear) it’s a problematic category  Gender: feminist theory/ social theory… it’s the practice of the sex that we have moved into… if we perform the female identity (the way it should be)… you learn how to do gender (girls and boys) • Drag: can do a women better than a women can, only have to imitate what is expected for women to do • Women told not to take up so much space... its un feminine • “What kind of guy are you” judgements made if you don’t act in your gender… • We always tell the other gender whether or not they are meeting the criteria of that certain gender… • Historic and cultural… • We try and practice the certain gender roles and after a while it becomes us.. we don’t even realize that we’re engaging in it - Males born with small testicles raise as female… females born with engorged clitoris raised as male - Culturally its clear in how we raise female and males - Chromosomes (would change our ideas about male/female) - Transgendered people… - Not all women are equal… race, class, heterosexual/homophobic - We evaluate people in terms of who they are and then blame them…. (ex. Dental issues… we don’t think of how costly that might be… clothes…. Glasses are expensive) - Poverty… not enough housing, proper living conditions - Shouldn’t make judgements of people… - Essentialism: all white people are… all boys are… all __ are… :stereotypes establishes who the dominant group is… not everyone is valued the same  Critique: if we all got into that group and were all female we would find that there are a lot of differences  We only see the identifying markers that we want to see (oh she’s crying.. makes sense she’s female)  Women just aren’t good at this… men are better at this… historically that’s very wrong.. women have had to do things that are outside of the usual constraint (helping families survive) - We assume that information that comes from science is true… ideas actually have power - History: teach you to make shoes… canoes… hunt food… learn language… aboriginal women were defined by white men as “queens” and being superior and important  The women that you’ve
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