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Lecture 2

WS204 Lecture 2 notes

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Women & Gender Studies
Helen Ramirez

th Monday January 14 2013 Lecture 3 - Picton murder… important in understanding how many hierarchies there are - Sexual assault: the university promotes things like “don’t dress like a slut, don’t talk to strangers” and don’t promote anything like “don’t rape” - Exclusive restaurants: class based on gender… male servers (attached to intelligence, serving as a career) - Politics influences everything… - Definition of masculinity is politically, socially through science (you must protect women, the must not be in public places)this preserves public space as male space  A good women stayed at home, cleaned the house, and didn’t do anything substantial (good middle class family)  Today: a good middle class family: heterosexual  Expansion of capitalism which is based on the idea of exploitation  Exploitation: how can I utilize my labor is such a way as to increase my profit, as much efficiency and productivity out of my labor force in the cheapest way  She heard: talked to a CEO and they were talking about that they successfully lowered the amount of benefits for his workers and gained more money for himself. (exploitation) it’s important to recognise ‘skilled’ and ‘unskilled’ and how much they are paid - Getting production lines in factories. We used to have to make all our belongings and food.  Mass production creates an idea of what a group should be and would be by buying these products (ex. Uggs)  Men go into more complex jobs and white women go into the less complex jobs th  Survival depends on marriage (in the 19 century marriage is not about love, it’s about status and economy)  Women: no access to education…  Prostitution happens because you need the money to survive because the options for money for women are not as good….  We want homogony  Development of levels…  Contractors don’t tell people when they have filled the mandate of the contract… they choose when they are happy with the amount of money they have gotten back  Tree of species (white- subcategories of white- Asian-indigenous- African) scientists have determined the evolution of people according to gender and race… men evolve, women don’t - Eugenics emerges… we want genetically to preserve certain traits among certain people… make sure that white women are not having sex with men of color (we create stories among men of color to ensure that they are seen as a threat to white women)  Asian women are banned from coming to Canada because politicians have said that we don’t want them reproducing… only women that can represent are white women. Men can come under certain conditions as temporary workers… if Chinese women comes to Canada we will have control over them (they can be homeworkers: having women do work at home (sewing) because its cheaper in labor costs)  Asian women can be prostitutes… we had slots of wood put together (cribs) and they lived in a crib and were required to provide sex for men… raises their mortality rate (couldn’t survive six years).  White women have no sexual identity… good women feel nothing sexually  Whatever women feel are attached to their reproductive system… you can’t trust women because if they use their heads they take away from reproducing... they cannot vote because they are incompetent and they will destroy what we have… they are denied acces
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