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Lecture 3

WS204 Lecture 3 notes

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Women & Gender Studies
Helen Ramirez

th Wednesday January 16 2013 Lecture 4 - Target: people that are homeless because no one cares… women who are replaceable (Picton) - Ashley smith: killed herself in jail... she was in jail because she threw a crab apple at a custodian  She had mental illness issues and dealt with it by lashing out to people around her and strangling herself  The court handles her situation by changing her from one prison to another and another… and is distant from her support system… she was in isolation  They ignored her and just thought they’d restrain her… - Sherry cooper  was being interviewed, she’s the VP of the bank of Montreal  All of the guys are making decisions about how finance is going to operate ect…  Mental illness develops in the work place  She says one of the things we have to do is see all ideas about work and economic theories ect… are being based on gender roles…  The decisions that were made by an elite group of men that lots of people lost their homes… they have no recovered from the recession  You go to be aware that none of us are safe… the possibilities that things will turn in the bad direction is possible for everyone  The only thing women have nowadays is to get as much education as possible… not only BA but a PHD as well - Women in world wars  Prior to the First World War there’s a surplus of people out there (people had to sign contracts about what they can and can’t do in the work place). They were desperate to work because they needed to eat. Mortality rate of women goes up because of childbirth and no jobs ect…  Scientific management (just moving into the First World War): Taylor goes around factories with a stop watch and times people and judge them on their work to get them to do their work faster and most productively. How can we make things more efficient (productivity and efficiency).  First world war: men go off to war and there are vacancies everywhere… single women are expected to work for a certain amount of time and then the men come back and take the jobs back… the jobs differ from before, women are emission workers (make guns ect…) TNT makes skin turn yellow, hair turn orange and gives women illnesses and death • Mustard gas: turns your skin green with blisters all over: there have been deaths about it • Women have fun working • Gives women community… to talk about issues and such while the men are gone • Women have a voice: they say if we walk out you have no one… no longer a surplus of people… they are contesting how much they’re being paid and how long their hours are… women gathering together is dangerous because they start to talk about issues • Took women in Canada 74 years to fight for the right to vote… • They also saw the signs… (Propaganda) they discovered, while were making our best to save our food and such but why is the man who owns the company getting richer… • Women discover during the First World War that they are good at the jobs that men told them they’d be bad at… • but only white women are fig
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