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Lecture 5

WS204 Lecture 5 notes

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Women & Gender Studies
Helen Ramirez

Wednesday January 23 2013rd - Whistle blower: mostly women, putting their lives on the line, make changes - Mother jones magazine online - Economic theory: we deal with it all the time  Big conference happening in Switzerland where some politicians with strong economic background (very rich people) come together to discuss economics for several days in meetings  It’s not neutral (gender or class neutral)  John says every economist brings their own bias  After the last recession some economist said that they predicted it and knew it was coming  To demonstrate that you’re a successful citizen you have a big house and own it… we have a notion about success and class going together… people don’t make enough money to support the types of houses being built  People buy big mortgages with big interest…. Financial Companies made money off big mortgages  As people lose their homes, construction has to slow down…  Levy… had 34 manufacturing factories around Canada  Gap… has factories in other countries to make clothes cheaper… the government is happy about this  This theory has really mad women invisible (Marilyn wring)  Marilyn Wring won and was assigned to the finance comity… she started asking questions because she wasn’t sure about what they were talking about… she has looked at how governments deal with economic theory and what it means for different types of people…. Most of the texts said that “we don’t need to figure out what women have to do or need or think”…  After years of never developing a document about old age pension  Often times women are located in places that say they don’t work  She was travelling around the world and kept meeting women taking care of their kids and wouldn’t have a conversation with them because they were trying to take care of their kids  Women work longer hours doing more complex tasks… men work less and have more leisure time and work at one thing and don’t have several things going on at the same time… their work is critical but not deemed as it  We do not have a national child care system in Canada  Cultural ideologies about who people are and what they should know  Neoliberalism… an economic ideology that says we want a free market without rules and regulations… don’t want it owned by government… we want less government control and we don’t want governments intruding on how we set things up with other parts of the world… it’s about freeing the economic  Neo-conservatism…. Also had a notion of less government but a predominance notion of fami
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