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Lecture 8

WS204 Lecture 8 notes

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Women & Gender Studies
Helen Ramirez

Monday February 11 2013 th Sex work: why do women go into it? The history of it? It provides women with independence and power but we discredit it as being illegitimate work so women don’t have that control or power fo their bodes. - It’s the outcome of what little girls want… - “hustling” - Sense of whether or not you’re normal according to your outcome “did you get the guy, house, car?” - Have you fit the image of what’s acceptable? “Victoria woodhall” - A history where women’s bodies have been used… denied education and rights and freedoms (men use your bodies however they wants) - Boys when they turn 16 were taken to a prostitute to have sex (some sort of passage of right) back in the day… - Women who chose to have sex with men before they get married have squandered their virginity ( have done something ugly) boys are not doing something ugly - Women are forced to go into prostitution and are violated and abused - People think women deserve what they get when they go into prostitution - Function of sexism and patriarchy… what happens in sex work isn’t okay because if youre not a sex worker you’re exposed to it as well - Sex work: field of work which to a certain extent is freely chosen (problematic because its seen as a criminal act) - Prostitution: stigma and violence used to make anyone who is in the field of prostitution in a vulnerable position) there are individuals in prostitution who would rather not be in prostitution (not talking about sex slaves) - Witch craze:  women are seen as closer to the devil than God… women’s were legally killed… nay women considered to be a prostitute were also considered a witch and also healers and the black plague… people blamed it on women, gather up women and ill them  Women who’s cousin died because of the plague or war were gathered up… women’s independence had to stop… they got rid of those women… we are still not sure about independent women who have voices of their own and who say things that aren’t said anywhere… we critic these women more than we critic men - Growth of colonies… a concern that whiteness is going to disappear (race suicide): how and we have control over the working class? Over women. Any independent women (no more religion because science exists) we make decisions about what women can and can’t do… we will brand her and shackle her and run her out of town and humiliate her so women don’t even try to be like that. If something happens to one women, the message is to all women (know the rules and know what to wear)  18 century: women experiencing that they were told
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