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Lecture 7

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ACTG 2010
Frank Marchese

11.06.2013 Lecture 7  Towards the babies heart is called the veins, away from the heart of babies is called the arteries.  23+23 = 46 chromosoms in a human  22 are autosomes + 1 is sex chromosome = from each parent  Mesonephric duct is for males (wloffian duct)  Paramesinephric duct is for females(mullerian duct)  SRY-gene: sex determining region of Y chromosome = which initiates testosterone, testes-determining factor TDF, and stimulates mullerian-inhibiting factor to degenerate paraesonephric ducts.  Genital tubercle : is somthing in early fetus that either becomes a penis or Clitoris  Urogenital fold: encloses urethra of male forming part Or it is formed to the labia majora  Labioscrotal folds:  Genetic or biological sex is : XX female // XY male  Gonadal Sex: Testes or Ovaries  Phenotypic Sex: is what we see physically Hormone and Reproduction : chapter 15 = 87-95, 98-99, 102-106  Testestorone O bond ....and estrogen OH bond  Hormones are secrete by the endocrine glands, endocrine cells and neurons.  hormones enter blood streams and arrive at a target cell and binds to the receptors.  2 classes of hormones are steriod hormones and non – steriod hormones  Steriod hormones: Testostorone and estrogen are examples - Lipid soluble, cant pass through cell membrane  Non steroid hormones: peptide (protien) hormones, Not lipid soluble  All hormones bind to protien receptors  Protien is also called the Gene product  CHECK THE DIAGRAM FOR BOTH STERIOD AND NON STERIOD SYSTEMS  Endocrin system: secretes hormone directly into bloodstream.  Major hormone secreting organs are hypothalmus, pituatary gland, pineal gland, theyroid gland, parathyroid gland.  Between 12-17 final growth spurt occurs, where HGH hormone inc  during puberty: - direct production o
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