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ACTG 2010
Rebecca Jubis

1. Tell me about yourself. My name is Ishfaqur Rahman, and I have done by Bachelors of Arts from back home. I came to Canada and started working as a cook in Taco Bell and now I am the General Manager. And I have 9 years of experience in food industry. 2. What have your achievements been to date? My achievements are that when I first joined into Swiss Chalet their sales were only $25,000 but since I started managing the sales have doubled and this happened because of my great customer service and the amazing team I had. 3. Are you happy with your career-to-date? Yes I am happy with my career because I like dealing with customers and satisfying their needs. 4. What is the most difficult situation have you had to face and how did you tackle it? The most difficult situation that I have faced was when a customer received cold food and she was angry but I went to her immediately and I apologized to her and solved the issue by giving her warm food and at the end she was satisfied. 5. What do you like about your present job? I like the people I work with. The employees are amazing and I am working at Hamilton so there are many different types of people so I like to work with them and get to know them 6. What do you dislike about your present
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