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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Peter Tsasis

Chapter 1 Case: 23-24 The Context of Business: A Framework Three Types Organizations 1. Public/Governmental: provides good/service without generating a profit 2.Private/Non-Governmental: voluntary that offers good/service without profit 3.Private: goods/services with intent to make profit -Organizations are social entities, they are made to achieve goals, and interact with the environment -Organizations are open systems; they are embedded in and interact within the environment they operate in -Specific/Task Environment: parties that have direct influence on the organization Example: Customers, Suppliers, Employees, Competitors, Unions, Government, Local, Public, Creditors, Distributors -General Environment: Influential on organization, right outside the task envior. Example: Economic, Competitive, Technological, Societal, Global and Political -Perfect Competition: many small firms with identical product -Monopolistic Competition: a large number of small firms with slightly different products -Oligopoly: small number of producers with different products -Competition is the “invisible hand” that gives society goods/services at a fair cost -Knowledge worker: a worker with a higher education and high value of skills -Demographics: the characteristics of a population Example: Age, sex, income, employment status Case Questions: 1.What elements of the external environment do you think contributed to Facebook’s success? External elements that might have contributed to Facebook’s Chapter 1 Case: 23-24 success are societal elements, competitive elements, technological elements and political elements. Societal elements allowed Facebook to grow and be accepted internationally. It
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