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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

1 The Political Context Chapter 7The Canadian Business enterprise system o The Canadian economy is a mixed market system Essentially capitalist but with a strong government influence in various sectors of the economy and nearly complete control of the health care and education sectorso Business enterprise system that essentially determines the followingWhat goods and services are produced and distributed to societyHow goods and services are produced and distributed to society o CapitalismRights of the individualIndividual have every right to pursue their own selfinterest includes seeking t make profits from business enterprisesThere are limit placed on individuals right to pursue their own selfinterestRight of private propertyIndividual have right to won land labour and capitalHowever the government intervened in many ways tax control natural resourcesCompetitionCapitalism advocate competitionCompetition will ensure that business provides the goods and services required by society at a fair costThe role of governmentlet people do as they chooseThis notion of capitalism has also been referred
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