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Chapter 5: Organizational Structure lecture notes from 01/02/11

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Natalie Guriel

Lecture 5 Organizational Structure Chapter 4Case Pixar p 167 The IntroductionWhat are the elements of organizational structureHow has the organizational landscape been changing in recent yearsWhat are the implications of these changesThe Elements Of Organizational StructureWork specializationDivision of labour how the jobs are set up o Functional Simple repetitive tasks o SocialNarrow Specialization of an individual o Wide Centralization where the power of the organization rests o High highly centralized organizationExample McDonaldsEverything is identical in every storeStandardized way to making the products script that employees followPower rests at the top of the organization o Low a decentralized organizationExample MicrosoftRequire people to work in teamsRequire them to be innovative and to be able to make decisionsMust be flexible and respond to the market as necessaryAbility to make changes without asking for permissionAll employees have the power to make decisionsSpan Of Control how many managers there arehow the hierarchy is set up o Narrow only a few people responding to one manager one or twoMuch more controlability to manage those employees o Wide a lot of employees responding to one managerLess lines of authority more communication between managersFormalization how much a job is formalized and set o High little to no creativity or innovation allowed o Low more innovation and creativity allowedOrganizational MetaphorsMechanistic structure o Organizations as Machines classical management approachesRational and goaloriented entitiesEmphasizes control efficiency formal rules and structuresOrganic Structure
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