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Lecture 1: The Challenges Of Business lecture from 04/01/11

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Natalie Guriel

Lecture 1 The Challenges Of Business Chapter 1Case Sam The Record Man p handout The IntroductionInternal and External forces framework and their influence on organizationsConnectivity of internal and external contextsCharacteristics of Canadian business contextHow is business doing in CanadaLow unemployment rate76Reduction in federal corporate tax rate from 18 to 165 for 2011Canadian federal tax rate is half of US federal tax rateCurrency advantage consumers benefitCentral Bank raising interest ratesBanking sector is strongRising commodity pricesStrong housing market ex higher home ownership rate than USMore stable than the US economyInsideOutsideWhat are the fundamental internal and external forces which all organizations must align in their struggle to survive and prosperInternal Forces External Forces People Political StructureEconomic StrategyCompetitive Societal Technological GlobalThe Internal Context Of Organizations 1 PeopleType of people within organizationscompanies o Ownersinvestors The people who begin the company o Managers The people who coordinate operations within the company o Employees The companys greatest assetthose who understand how it worksWhat motivates todays workforce o EmployeesTo earn moneyTo take pride in a company they work for
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