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Lecture 1: may 3 Well, this lecture was just a basic overview of the class. My notes are really organized based on the slides, everything is going to be under a subtitle however you will have to get those off the course website. I promise my notes will no

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ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

Lecture 1 - Influences of Organizations and Business - 12 weeks - Changes businesses and organization for the better Organization and business - All kinds of forms - Group of people, getting together - Accomplishing one goal (most of the time it is about money) History of Organizations - Useful way of accomplishing objectives - Improve and help progress technology Why? - Allows us to grow as a society; everything in the last couple of years came from organizations - Qualitative difference o Work in groups o Don’t have individual work, instead have every one collaborate together on one specific title Slide 3: - Red dot: organization : Slide 4 o How, divided and assigned o People, structure and strategy - Suppliers and consumers (concerning) : Slide 5 Slide 4: - Green dot o Talks more about the bigger picture 1. Economic forces – not going to be talked about in great detail - Focus more on the other 5 forces - Business and society changes (internally and externally) Objective - Understand business in the newspaper and why? - Using the concepts to better understand - Identifying and generating conceptual framework - Be able to learn ideas and apply them to other “case studies” “There is no one unique right answer. There is a million things that could make a company success.” - Learn and apply concepts Mid – term and a final: - 2 exams - Short answers - One case study
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