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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Indira Somwaru

The Labour Context Nov.14.2013 Employment - exchange between two parties (labour + wages) - Between employer + employee Employment contract - Written or unwritten (psychological contract) - Self-employed, independent contractors, interns Standard employment relationship (SER) - Characterized by regular, full-time hours at a single employer - Employees working under SER receive periodic pay raises, sometimes health benefits - Unemployment and workers' compensation benefits funded by mandatory employer contributions Non-standard employment (NSE) - Less stable, part time, temporary, fewer hours, lower wages - Many workers are young, recent entrants into labour force 3 perspectives about governance of work in canada 1) Neo classical  Labour markets should be driven by market forces, supply and demand, little or no government intervention - competitive markets as best means of organizing economies and societies - state should focus on ensuring legal system is in place to protect property rights and to enforce contracts, and prohibit anti-competitive practices, otherwise should keep taxes low, and govt regulation minimal - neoclassicalist would argue employment laws are not necessary to protect workers  eg. minimum wage- employer would pay $4/hr. govt regulates to 10/hr. employer would then cut down on employees and look elsewhere to do business; in which business may be forced to any case, economy suffers, and harm will be felt most by low wage workers who the minimum wage laws were intended to help 2) Managerial perspective/ HR - don't need government interve
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