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ADMS 1000

Introduction to Administrative Studies ADMS1000 – Summer 2012 – Eytan Lasry Lecture 5 – The Technological Context & Midterm Review – June 12 Technological Innovations - Discontinuous / Radical / Breakthrough - Continuous / Incremental - Technological discontinuities can be: o Competence-enhancing, or o Competence-destroying - Component / Modular / Material innovations - Architectural innovations Discontinuous Innovations - The printing press - The steam engine - The automobile - The jet engine - The personal computer - Cellular telephones - The world wide web - Digital photography Technological Evolution - Technological innovation leads to the “creative destruction” (Schumpeter, 1942) of industries - Abernathy and Utterback propose the technology lifecycle model to explain how rates of product and process innovation evolve during from the fluid, to transitional to specific phase of the technology - Technological discontinuities appear at rare and irregular intervals and can dramatically alter an industry’s structure - Period of uncertainty (era of ferment) ends when a dominant design emerges and technical progress focuses on incremental improvements and process innovations (era of incremental change) until the next discontinuity o A punctuated equilibrium model (Anderson and Tushman, 1990) Technological Forecasting - Foster’s s-curves predicts new technological transition once the physical limits to the current technology reach a plateau o Moore’s law and microprocessors Midterm Exam Topics – W1 - The External context of business: - What are the different external (7) forces and how do they influence organizations? - The Canadian context - Textbook chapter 1
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