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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
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Introduction to Administrative Studies ADMS1000 – Summer 2012 – Eytan Lasry Lecture 4 – The Competitive Context – May 29 Industrial Evolution - Number of competitors follows an inverted U-shaped curve (figure 6.1) - Industry sales follows s-curve (figure 6.2) - Lifecycle stages: o Emergence o Shakeout / Growth o Maturity o Decline - Each stage affects competition, organizational structure, strategy… so that different types of firms tend to be leaders at different stages Industry Lifecycle - Main drivers of industry evolution: o Demand growth o Creation and diffusion of technology and knowledge Industry Emergence and Creation - New industries emerge following innovations: o Technological (e.g. biotechnology) o Regulatory (e.g. satellite radio) - Nascent industries are highly uncertain and risky and some never make it past the early stage (e.g. satellite communications) - Early entrants are small, entrepreneurial firms with a high degree of technological innovation as competitors search for the industry’s dominant design and standard (e.g. automobiles) - New industries seek legitimacy (sociopolitical and cognitive) through collective action and institutional entrepreneurship - Despite the increased competition, the entry of large incumbent firms into new markets helps legitimize the new industry - Characteristics of the emergence phase: o Low intra-industry rivalr
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