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ADMS 1000
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Andre aburrell876gmailcomCOURSE INFOMidterm 40Final 60based on cased studies in classRead case studies and chaptersVISIT ANNOUNCEMENT SECTION ON COURSE SITE IF COURSE CANCELLEDNOTES Companies are made up ofoPeopleoStructureoLegaloStrategic goalsBefore you go into a business or are in business always look at how the environment is doingGPS LECT GLOBAL POLICTAL SOCIETY LABOR ECONMIC COMPEITITON TECHoEconomicEconomy healthy or weak and is the dollar value high or low How is the worlds economy US down so is Canada downsizingoCompetitiveAre they raising priceslowering new companies entering your market and industryand are they doing a better job than youbetter quality and cheaper products think globalization of businesscompetition more aggressive because there is so much competition business cannot become complacent and continue to generate new and improved products and servicesIn a c
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