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ADMS 1000
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Chapter 5Social ResponsibilityTHMIDTERMFEB 103 PM FOR 25 HOURSMIDTERMHARDMUST GIVE EXAMPLES LOTS OF WRITINGKNOW THEORY AND GIVE EXAMPLESRetailersput you on the spot when ask you to donate 200 they get recognition and tax break end of year WalMart donate 1000000 to united way with your money What is SR You didnt buy an apple product because of their social responsibility strategyRIM put billions of dollars in societyas soon as a new product comes in from a different companyyet you go to the competitior Definition of CSRTo participate in CSR you have to have these things must achieve all 4 elementsoEconomicalProfitableoLegalBreaking the lawnot owing taxes dumping in riversoEthicalfairoPhlantirpistdonateIf you have a case study and case study asks you if the company a CSR companyoDefine CSRoDefine 4 elementsoGo through 4 elements in the case studyTalk about people who get affected by companiesoWhat is a StakeAn interest or share in an activityoStake Holders anyone who gets impacted by the organizationPrimary Stake Holders have power over organizationImpacted directlyoSuppliersGM and Chrysler needed money but not Ford However Ford still showed up because they were thinking of the suppliers The suppliers who give the transmission to all three companies can go under therefore impacting fordSecondary stake holdersoTrade BodiesCompetitorssoc pressure groupsanimal welfarefuture generationsoNow a secondary stakeholder animal welfare group is becoming a primary stake holderoAt the end of the day the consumers are going to pay for the companies CSR strategyEGcompany will raise their sc to accommodate their CSR strategy ten million dollar mandateAgainst CSR MUST KNOW BOTH ARGUMENTSoWe are here to make money nothing else nothelp societyoThey are not equipped with the tools required to assist societyFor CSR MUST KNOW ABOUT ARGUMENTSoBusiness has all the talent in the world and lots of powerso lets use power for good and spend on society
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