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ADMS 1000
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NOTESParadigmsa set of beliefs and mental framework a person has that shapes how they view the world and how it works looking at the world through your own eyes Swiss watchWhy do Govts regulate an industry To try and modify economic behaviourBanks in Cyprusoffer withdrawal restrictionsthis can stimulate other people from withdrawing money from banks in Italywhich will collapse the banking industryoPeople opening bank account in Cyrus because better interest rate and Cyprus doesnt report to Govt Swiss Switzerland doesAs environmental factors change you will changeoSam the record mangoing down because couldnt keep up with technologyIf we know this then why dont companies changeoWhy do we resist changecompanyChanging structures job descriptions and traininghow much is it going to cost How long will it take What if the change it not successfulWhy do we resist changeindividualFear of the unknownOut of your comfort zone habitBoiling frog phenomenaSome you hate some you love the nature of the gameOvercome resistance to changeoCommunicate and negotiateWhy are we changing competition made 20 million we made 10Trainingwe will provide you with training if you dont know how to use computers learning curveyes but you will learnHave employees part of the changeNeed to know types of changes DTTNeed to know Theory E and O
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