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Lecture 6

Week 6

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ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

ADMS 1000 Week 67 Eytan LasryOctober 27 2011 The Global ContextWhat is the meaning of globalization and what are the key issues in this debate Has Canada gained or lost in the new global economyDefining GlobalizationA process involving the integration of world economiesfacilitated by bodies such as NAFTA EU APEC ASEAN etc The integration of world marketsFree movement of goodsservices capital and labour is critical to globalization Increased cross border transactions FDIeconomic interdependence Channels of Global Business Activity What strategies can firms use to do business abroadExporting goodservices Contractual agreements and strategic alliances o Outsourcing o Licensingfranchisingo Marketingdistribution agreementsForeign direct investment o Joint ventures o Whollyowned subsidiaries greenfield ventures or acquisitions The Borderless CorporationTransnational CorporationsIndicates that the nationality of the organization is unclear There is no allegiance to a particular country or location o Eg nestle coca cola mcdonalds Financial technological human capital are easily transferred between countries Ownership and management are international Firms follow the profitsBenefitsThreats of MNCsTNCs Benefits o Economic development eg creates employmento Brings management expertise o Introduces new technologyrelevant training
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