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Good Time to Sell Government Assets? Depends on the Asset By Bryne Purchase

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1000
Eytan Lasry

Good Time to Sell Government Assets Depends on the Asset By Bryne Purchase ADMS 1000Chapter 7 Economists believe that in many cases these are structural deficitsthat even in economic recovery they are unlikely to be eliminated by corresponding revenue growth and the end of recessionrelated spendingIn this tough fiscal environment some are urging asset sales o Torontosome have suggested the sale of Toronto Hydroo Ontarioconsidering the sale of all or parts of Hydro One Ontario Power Generation the Ontario Liquor Control Board and the Ontario Lotteryo New Brunswicknegotiated a potential deal to sell NB Powero Federal Governmentreviewing asset sales such as the power division of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd Toronto Hydro and Hydro One o Technology makes them natural monopolieso It makes no economic sense to have 10 or 20 competing electric wires running through the streets or countrysideo Profits are formally regulated by an indep
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