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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

CASE 8: A New World at Inco Suggest Questions 1. How did Inco become monopoly? How did it protect its position? What major factors that led to being monopoly? A: Inco acquired ESB Corp (major manufacturer for batteries) and United Technologies. Inco also acquire Daniel Doncaster and Sons in 1975 (high stress metal component producer). Also owned property in New Caledonia. In 1960 and 70s, INCO developed nickel projects in Indonesia, Guatemala, New Caledonia, Aus and Minnesota. Inco also did massive 5 year investment program in Canada and completed in 1972. And more investments in INCO protected its position by diversification. Diversification includes geographic expansion and the new leadership. Inco bought the companies that were not making profits. Also stopped publishing the prices because the competitors would see it Inco benefited from American gvot’
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