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James Love

Today, Massey Harris headquarters from 1883 now stand as lofts with 46 units on 915 Queen St W. It was a modern factory:  Elevators powered by steam engines (WOW!)  First of its kind in Canada  First Canadian manufacturer to export Canadian made machinery abroad  Canada’s first manufacturing enterprise  Bought out their competition and ended up controlling 60% of the Canadian market by 1990 (M&A) Impact was more than just commercial:  Big family dynasty  Massey Hall hosts the bests musicians  Patrons of the arts- supporters of the Stratford Festival, founded the Canada Council, and were chair of the Massey foundation. It was acquired by Conrad Black’s empire in the 1980s History  Growth in demand for farmland and for pine and wood let Daniel Massey to leave the farm, rent land and sell the wood to pay for it  Tons of immigration  Bought and sold family farms for many years  Keen interest in time saving tools  Crop failure, economic hardship and famine in Europe in 1840s  Hard times for farmers in Canada  But in 1847 Daniel JR buys a foundry at Bond Head  Licensed US technology instead of investing in R&D  Imported a great deal of technological innovation and did some adaption for the Canadian farm (success from innovation, not invention)  Accident of history makes him very prosperous- exports without duties and US imports
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