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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Rebecca Jubis

Oil Shock • Under Trudeau represented an interventionist approach to develop a more independent Canadian oil industry, such as buy back Canadian company from FDI. • But creating a conflict between the role or provincial and federal government and the creation of government owned crown corporation- Petro- Canada. However, government actions spur pipeline development for export and competitions, this in turn opened up more production through exploration along the pipeline route. • Later created National Energy Program. Let oil and gas price trend towards the same as Canadian domestic and Global market price. However, making the rate below global market rate led to greater consumption, and create distrust between Ottawa and the western provinces. Many oil companies left Alberta in response to NEP. unemployment↑ • NEP also promoted greater Canadian control and ownership of the domestic energy sector. Inniskillin Winery • Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser developed this winery in Niagara region. • LCBO granted them to produce wine in Niagara and sell their products in LCBO Toronto wine stores. • 4 components of winemaking: inputs, climate, soil, artisanship. • In order to change consumers’ perceptions of Ontario wine standard, they innovate a new ice wine. • Their Inniskillin wine and ice wine both got awards. • The ice wine spanned the globe, opened up another distributing channel to export their wine. Free Trade Agreement (Effective on Jan 1 , 1989, under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney) • Government offered sponsor experimental vineyard to give wine makers a great start
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