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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Rebecca Jubis

RBC • It was one of the most profitable banks in the world. • Offering personal commercial banking, wealth- management services, insurance, corporate, investment banking and transaction processing services. Later realigning its 5 business segments into 3. Revenue ↑ • The first segment is Canadian Personal and Business, which include banking and investment business and global insurance business. E.g. deposits, investment, debit and credit cards, mortgage, loans, insurance service. • The second segment is the U.S and international Personal and Business Group. E.g. RBC’s banking and retail brokerage business in U.S, and private banking internationally. And also wealth- management activities of RBC Dain Rauscher. • The third segment is Global Capital Markets which provides financial products and services to clients, corporations, and governments. E.g. debt, equity, foreign exchange. Government • Mandates a 10% capital on ownership for any single entity. • It had an impact on the financial- services industry, and affect the strategy of the banking system. • Politicians actually didn’t help with the overall financial performance in the market. Their best interest was just to balance
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