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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alex Browning

Session 1 Ideology set of beliefs that are interpreted from past present and future events It structures society and also propagandize people Feudal Era Business run by church agriculture main industry trades dominated by guilds Mercantile Era government controls foreign trade dominated 15001750 believes wealth is scarce thus leading to the collecting of wealth equaling power Industrial Era dominated 17001950 business dominated by selfinterest displaced agricultural workers tradesmen employees government regulation Technological Era multinational corporations dominated capitalism displaced bluecollar workers demand for free trade Information Era present global companies globalization displaced whitecollar workers knowledge workers greater social demandsgovernment intervention Collectivist Ideologies Society is dominant socialism conservatism and fascism Left Wing economy is best arranged through direct involvement of workers from bottom up Right Wing owners are the means of production arrange economic society from top down Classical Conservatism stemmed from opposition to French revolution man is rationale but passionate which needs to be controlled by church and family state exist but not to protect the individual hands off kind of government Edmund Burke NeoConservatismMore individualistic strong government but minimal intervention deregulation of business more privatization less tax and government spending Socialism based on ownership of production and distribution by the workers capitalism is undemocratic Democratic Socialism capitalism is not bad but needs to be overthrown through revolutions governments has strong role in economy but still capitalist mix Individualist Ideologies Individual is Dominant the need for government to protect the individual Ayn Rand Liberalism Value of society is measured by satisfaction freedom leads to social progress laissezfaire and individualism governments protects rights doesnt give them Adam Smith WelfareLiberalism Governments can help individuals obtain freedom through public services ie education UE insurance health care etc NeoLiberalism proponent of globalizationreduce public expenditure and live by the rule of market that the market is selfregulating no protection of class or social order deregulation and privatizationNeoLiberalism vs NeoConservatism Many neoliberals have been defined as neoconservatives and vice versa The main difference between the two groups has mainly to do with defenceforeign policy and social institutions Neoconservatives favor huge defence budgets and foreign interventions Neoconservatism seeks to maintain the status quo traditional values and societal class Neoliberals only see the need for defense budgets for defending individual rights and property Neoconservatives see some role for government intervention in businessNeo Liberals do not Both are opposed to government spending since it leads to large deficits and debt NeoLiberals see no role for governments interfering with business while NeoCons see some limited role Neoliberals see governments role is to ensure global free markets and to protect individual rightsNeoLiberals do not support concept of supporting any social classThe American Dream Unitary State state or country that is governed constitutionally as one single unit with one constitutionally created legislature power may be trickled down to local assemblies but central government can take that power away whenever EgGBFranceChina Japan Federalism government is distributed between central regional and provincial authorities every individual is subject to the law of each one can not over rule the other eg Canada USAAustralia and India
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