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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

ADMS 1010 Week 1 Notes Readings: Relentless Change (pp. 1-14) and Uneasy Partnership (pp. 3-31) Canadian History The first settlers in Canada were French 17 century. They were strongly Catholic and conservative in background. In 1759, the British successfully achieved conquest of New France. They were Protestant and supporters of Liberalism. The Revolutionary War (1775 – 1783): Canadian and British soldiers are fighting against the Americans. The War of 1812: Canadian soldiers fighting against the Americans. Canadian Rebellions of 1837 In 1840, Canada was composed of Canada East (modern day Quebec) and Canada West (modem day Ontario). There was also Rupert’s Land (Land owned by the UK). British North America Act of 1867: Created the Dominion of Canada: Canada East, Canada West, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Canadians were promised currency for trade, financing for development, a railroad (to tie country together), and stability (peace, order and good government). The provinces were to retain their culture and institutions. Acquired Rupert’s Land from HBC in 1869. Business and Government There is a mutual dependence between government and business. Businesses need Government for laws, rules, and infrastructure. Government needs businesses for employment and tax revenue. Canada’s mixed economic system corrects market failures: - Income redistribution - Regional Economic Disparity (RED) o Transfer payments from one surplus province to another in need o I.e. Alberta is a have province that provides money which is transferred to Ontario, a have-not province - Crown Corporations The Canadian government will intervene to correct market failures Public Policy Two policies greatly influenced business in Canada. 1. British North America Act of 1867 a. Created the Dominion of Canada b. Allocated responsibility between federal and provincial authorities c. Inter-colonial railway and to Rupert’s Land ** 2. National Policy of 1878 – consisted of three major parts a. Settlement of the West b. Building of a transcontinental railway c. Adoption of a
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