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Alex Browning

Class 3 Canada’s first great manufacturing enterprise; The story of Massey Harris - In 2003, the condo market in Toronto took off. Low interest rates, high demand and a strong economy made it possible for many to purchase condos. Massey’s entrepreneurial roots ( 1802-67) - Daniel Massey Sr. immigrated into Canada from the states and went into farming. - The population at that time was growing quickly, and there was an increasing demand for virgin pine and other woods. - What he did was rent a land, cleared it from trees and sold the wood, made it suitable for farming, and then sold it off to others. This was really in demand since recent immigrants needed a place and a farm to start off, he provided them with that. He repeated the process often to his good fortune. - He was clear sighted enough to know that change was coming, that the market for his trees was declining as was the number of land buyers. - He decided to start investing in trade and started importing a machine that would help in farms from the states. He then went into producing farm tools and importing. - Crop failures, economic hardship, and famine in Europe led to an influx of impoverished immigrants to the new world in the 1840’s seeking relief and a better life. - He established the Newcastle foundry and machine manufacturing company. He bought licences to produce American designed machines to sell to Canada and Britain. - His son took over, started modernizing and improving the factory and its operations. They started to design and produce their own machines. - At that time, railways started to connect major and minor cities ( 1850’s) - Farming was becoming more attractive due to some trade agreements with the US and Brittan, farmers had more capital and started to buy more machines. - Although immigration levels stayed high, there was a decrease in available man power, and so farmers saw a need for labor equipment. The decrease in man power was due to rail construction and to the fact that Canada is too big, they started spreading out more. - Competition became both national and international. Reciprocity treaty of 1854 - Treaty between upper Canada and the states regarding a mutual list of goods that they would trade between themselves tariffs free. - This treaty helped reduces Harts timber and input costs. - At that time, hart was also able to benefit from protectionism from Britain where he bought British steel and iron for cheaper than US competitors. Marketing Massey - The civil war resulted in higher prices for wheat which resulted in many switching to farming. Therefore, there was again an increase in demand for Harts machines. - He did a sales catalogue that featured his products. He did promotional campaigns. He est
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