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ADMS 1010

Michael Porter’s Diamond Model ADMS1010 – Summer 2012 – Troy Young Reading – Porter Diamond – May 10 2012 - Porter's diamond model suggests that there are inherent reasons why some nations, and industries within nations, are more competitive than others on a global scale - the argument is that the national home base of an organization provides organizations with specific factors, which will potentially create competitive advantages on a global scale. Four Determinants of National Advantage - Factor conditions o Includes factors that can be exploited by companies in a given nation. o Can be seen as advantageous factors found within a country that are subsequently build upon by companies to more advanced factors of competition. o Factors not usually seen as advantageous, such as workforce shortage, can also be seen as a factor potentially strengthening competitiveness, because this factor may heighten companies’ focus on automation and zero defects. o Example factor conditions:  Highly skilled workforce.  Linguistic abilities of workforce.  Rich amount of raw materials.  Workforce shortage. - Demand conditions o If the local market for a product is larger and more demanding at home than in foreign markets, local firms potentially put more emphasis on improvements than foreign companies.  This will potentially increase the global competitiveness of local exporting companies. o A more demanding home
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