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How to Invest in Mutual Funds Nightly Business Report1 Where were the first mutual funds createdBoston 90 years ago 19232 What is the principle behind mutual fundsA professionally managed investment that pools funds from many investors to buy securities however they are not exchangetraded3 What is the cardinal rule of investing Major benefit of mutual funds is that you will have a diversified holdinga cardinal rule of investment dont put your eggs all in one basket4 What are 3 basic types of mutual funds1 Equity stock funds 2 Bond 3 Money Market5 Name some of the types of equity fundsGrowth fund Dividend fund 6 What are actively managed fundsDaily trading activity conducted by the funds management team on the investors behalf as they seek to grow the market value of the fund Actively managed mutual funds have a portfolio manager7 Why is a good manager crucialIts the fund managers ability to select winning stocks that impact the profitability of the mutual fundThe goal is to beat the average return of the marketFund managers follow a defined strategy such as selecting companies that are growing rapidly because of proprietary products or servicesNew selections are added for an amount no more than 1 of the portfolios valueThe stocks are held in the portfolio for a minimum of one year 8 What kinds of research do mutual funds doQuarterlyAnnual reports
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