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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

The Rise of the Canadian Consumer and Canadian RetailMidterm returned back nest classSlide 1CDN retailers and how they played a role in the CDN economyth Now in the 20 centuryGolden age of department storesSimpsons was bought by BaySears is on the edgeTraditional department stores are declining Now heading to more specialized storesOr even cheaper discount stores so why go to department stores which are in betweenVery important to development of CDN economySlide2 Do we need half the stuff we buy Consumerism became the driving force of our economyIt produces the idea that we can buy stuff because they are inexpensive and we can thth Goods that go beyond our basic needs which started in the late 19 early 20 centuryAt the time of the industrial revolution we could manufacture goods and buy them at cheap pricesSlide 3Mass production lead to a lot more stuff lower prices most people cud afford things that the more wealthy cud afford beforeGrowing middle class now that was driving the economyNow the middle class isnt growing as much as it used to The Rise of the Canadian Consumer and Canadian RetailSlide 4Now many brands come outMost brands come out just because of consumption dont need it but because you want itSlide 5Lot of changes to retail industry Retail is basically a store but there are main kindsIn late 19th century growth of postal service lead to mail order and catalogue retailingChain stores1920s sam stores in many partsDiscount stores cam mid 20t century sell same thing as Sears but low pricesWarehouse Clubs Costco make money even though margins are thin but they make a larger gross profit with a lil profit on small thingsCan make money by delaying their paymentsThe have more cash flow a greater turnoverTypically 1 mill inventory gets turnovered 3 times into like 12 times for bigger storesCategory killers 1980s one soul category in a storeNow ecommerceSlide 6Department StoresThese were the centre of towns people wud come from all over to the department stores to shopOriginally downtown kinda spacesSlide 7Were the hub back then
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