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Lecture 2

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

Talked about examining the role of the gove to develop a relativeily successful economyUniqueProtectionism cown corps banking sector role gove plays inm akng a successful economylook over links on slide 16French were first to come from EuropeFrench and English involved in many wars fought for North America tooFrench were not that interested in NA traded it for two islands below new foundland for sugar which was big sugarBrit took over in 1760Brit more liberal than FrenchBrit fought in revolutionary war in 1775 and were pushed out by the us50k empire loyalists left US and came to Canada they helped to settle nb and nsThey were fiercly loyal to the brit empireWar of 1812 no winners reallyLower Canada was QuebecUpper Canada was OntarioBrits at the time burtn white house and us burnt the parliament of TorontoFort York was the shoreline beforeWar of 1812 was imp to shaping cdn identitiy and cda as a countryLead to rebellions of 1837 short rebeliions against the british and quickly stopped by britLord durham made report which lead to act of 1840 creating Canada east and Canada west both very independentThen came civil war in the US 1865 which made us think they wanna spereate becuz of slaveryThis was last straw cda thought need country and the things that came with it or us might take over CanadaBrit thought it was too hard to manage from so far so gave Canada own country in 1867 through BNA act or the confederation actOnly Canada east and west nbns nd were part of CanadaAlaska sold to us by russa shortly after confederation
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