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Lecture 5

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

Week 5 Automotive IndustryExam at 4pm in LSB 105 for right now if changed by FRIDAY AT LATESTIn CDA there is a disproportionate amount of foreign investment Trade globalization foreign investment really illustrates the uniquenesss of cnadian economy and how it is successful as a manufacturing country Hydro exported but powers much o CDA Mining exploited manufacturing kept goingth Midth 20 century was 25 of CDAs goods and services Automodiles are porbably greatest export one of Most cars exported Why are we the only major car producing country without our own major Car company Many small countries have cars many other ones do but there is no CDN car at the momementEvery started making cars in 1890s 1900 CDA started making automobiles then tooGordon Mcregors started making Ford cars in Canada licensing Ford technology and name into CDAo Made sense to license sense even though Detroit factory very closedont want tarrifs o In the absence of reciprocity the British Imperial SOMething Policy any country in the brit empire cud sell goods in the brit empire at a cheaper rate less tariffs then nonimperial countryo Biggest export then was Britain and other parts of Brit empire o Now CDA selling more cars but also US could sell cars to Brit empire nowIn OshawaMcClaughlinhad already carriage factories so easy to convert into horseless carriage factory Back then auto industry was brand new thing that was gonna change the worldMcLaughlin licensed from buick the righ to use David Buicks EngineMany small companies introduced then entrepernurial firmsFord and GM were the only ones who remained licensed their own designs into Canada and not make their own slide 9 explanis
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