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Lecture 4

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Eytan Lasry

Week 4In 1867 cda made at time of industrial revolutionEcon was shifting from agriculture to industrializationU read wrong case do case on the trains and CNRIndustrialization huge immigration More acceptable to be a capitalist make money JAM said this will be CDAs time slide 5He thought we wud be one of the bestBy 1912 we have most of Canada pretty much madeCNRIn cda at that time had low population density very lil peopleObv recipe for failureIn election of 1911 main thing was free trade from laurier but parliament didnt want it so Borden became prez3 intercontinental railways for small populationThe railways so dependant on gov that risked putting banks at risk tha they might failSo when problem royal commission3 people on the committee for roya commissionsmith said we shud prob let the other 2 financially weeks one mergeInteresting thing it conservative gov was making the proposal for gov ownership of railwaysDominion national railways was made as crown corporation o Crown corp is still owns it but it is not managed by the govThe other railways said let us run the failing runways but gov didnt want a monopoly o didnt do itCrown corp id good decision by gov but not for other companiesSince 1914 big war going ww1Prob in 1917 too many died more than any amount of cdns have died in Crisis of conscription not enough ppl signing up and too mmany dyingElection in 1917 that centered around this
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