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Lecture 6

Week 6 - Automobile Industry and the Impact of Globalization [P1]

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Yong Troy

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Week 5 Automobile Industry and the Impact of Globalization ADMS 1010TroyPart IThe AutomobileCanada is the only major car producing nation to not produce a domestic car o USA Ford Chrysler and GMo France Citroen Bugatti Peugot Renaulto Italy Fiat Ferrari Lambourghini Alfa Romeo Lancia Maseratio Germany BMW Mercedes Benz Volkswagen Opel Porsche o UK Jaguar Land Rover Aston Martin Vauxhall Bentley Rolls Royce Lotuso Sweden Volvo Saabo Japan Honda Toyota Mazda Nissano Korea Kia Hyundai Daewoo A History of Car Manufacturing in CanadaThe worlds first car was built in Germany by Karl Benz in 1885 25 of his vehicles were sold between 1888 and 1893 By 1899 Benz was producing 572 cars a yearThe first car built in North America was built by the Duryea brothers in Massachusetts in 1893 The first large scale production of automobiles in North America was in 1902 when Ransom Old started building his OldsmobileThe car was here to stayThe first Canadian foray into car manufacturing was Gordon McGregors licensing of Henry Fords Model C in Canada in 1904 Henry Ford had founded his company the previous year The Ford Company was located in Detroit Ford of Canada was started in Windsor Ford of Canada produced 117 cars its first year of operationIn Oshawa in 1907 Robert McLaughlin founded the McLaughlin Motor Car Company and started producing cars using engines build by Buick McLaughlin produced 154 cars in 1908 The Buick Motor Company had been incorporated in 1903 in Detroit Other car companies began to spring up in Canada Many were small companies that switched from producing carriages to motor cars All of them but for Ford of Canada and General Motors of Canada failed there is no domestic production of a truly Canadian car today
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