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Week 8 - Natural Resource Industry [p1]

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Yong Troy

Week 8 Natural Resource Industry ADMS 1010TroyPart 1MiningMining is the extraction of valuable minerals from the earth Any nonrenewable resource that needs to be extracted like oil or petroleum is a specialized version of mining The earliest mines were flint mines Flint was a material used to create tools and weapons in prehistoric timesImportance of MiningPrecious metals like copper silver and gold have been mined since ancient times The quest for precious metals helped the Roman Empire to expand Most of the Western world has some sort of historical tie traditions laws etc to the Romans In a sense mining helped drive this alongIn the middle ages copper and iron were the most sought after metals The development of the mounted Knight and the nobility associated with knighthoods created an arms race armour shields weapons were all made of metal In many cases an armoured knight would be carrying well over 100 pounds of refined metalCoinage was also made of metals Advances in agriculture were made with the introduction of metal tools More food available leads to a population explosion The technological advances of the industrial revolution were made possible through the use of metals Without mining there would be no civilizationMining Helps BuildBatteriesCircuitry ComputerTV screens Cosmetics and jewellery Electricity Eyeglasses Leather clothing Musical instruments Sports equipment Sun protection
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