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lecture 5: The Canadian Auto Industry: Industrialization and Trade Policy

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

Lecture Five The Canadian Auto Industry Industrialization and Trade PolicyFebruary 6 2012What is Driving GrowthFor many years the automotive industry has been the largest industry in Ontario It is because of the beginnings of this industry that leads to thisTheory of Canadian Economic GrowthThe following are all important factors contributing to the economic growth of CanadaRetailFDIBanking SystemsEntrepreneursMonetary PolicyRisk AversionKnowledge Experience and EducationPorters Diamond The four determinants of a successful growth areFirm strategy structure and rivalryDemand conditionsRelated and supporting IndustriesFactor ConditionsStern DiamondEnabling political systemNoncorrupt governmentsHelpful governments that support growthEffective Financial systemsReassessing the Bank Act every 10 years is proof that people continually seek out a stable systemVibrant entrepreneurshipThe Massey case The McLaughlin case
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