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Lecture 6

lecture 6: Eaton's and the Rise of Canadian Retail

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

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Lecture Six Eatons and the Rise of Canadian RetailFebruary 13 2012Big ThemesPolitics in the 1930sThe political climate before and during the Great DepressionThe Great DepressionWhat happened and how it affected the economy and businessWomen in the WorkforceWomen were now entering the workforceNot yet at jobs of power but definitely in whitecollar jobsProfits and Price SpreadsAttitudes towards profit marginsHow the price spread affected Canadians and attitudes todaySupply ChainHow did the supply chain differ during the Great DepressionForeign InvestmentAttitudes towards foreign investmentSuburbanization and PostWar GrowthHow did the war help the economyHow was business affected by this shift of population to the suburbsHow did growth after the war shape the way business was doneThe Great DepressionCanada During the Great DepressionCanada was heavily affected by the Great DepressionMany people lost all they had in the period of four yearsDuring the Great Depression GDP per capita decreased by 34 in CanadaCanada suffered the greatest from the Great Depression due to poor policy at the time in CanadaIn comparison to other countries Canada fared way worseAll countries suffered some economic downturn but not as much as CanadaWhat Would You Do if You Were the GovernmentMost people would suggest to increase trade reduce tariffs subsidize business to create job opportunities and to implement social welfare programsUnfortunately RB Bennett did not do any of those thingsHe thought that business would regulate itself and therefore did not need subsidizationHe also reduced trade further by raising tariffsRB Bennett also did not do anything with social welfareHe believed that people would be able to fend for themselves and find their own food and shelterUndoubtedly RB Bennett has gone down as one of the worst Canadian prime ministers of all timeWhat Would You Do if You Were a Business OwnerMany business owners went out of business because they could not reduce their costs enough to make any profitMost owners looked for ways to lower their costs and produce a cheaper good so they could decrease the cost of their productsThis was in the hope that people would come purchase your product because it was cheap enoughThis was very hard to do and therefore owners looked to reduce their fixed costsThis usually referred to the decrease in the amount of workers and the wages were cutWhat Would You Do if You Were a Minimum Wage WorkerMany people who worked minimum wage experienced a slash in their wages as well as a cut in their hours workingThis lead to more poverty and a strain on their financial resourcesUnfortunately they could not do anything about itThey could not leave to find another job because they simply did not have any available
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