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Lecture 7

lecture 7: The Bank of Canada

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 1010
Alison Kemper

Lecture Seven The Bank of CanadaFebruary 27 2012Canada from 19551980On May 7 1945 victory in Europe came aboutSome people never had any life outside of rationing and fearThere were many fields of wheat in CanadaEurope now needed all these types of materials and Canada was able to provide these thingsBaby BoomBetween 1956 and 1963 there was the biggest boom in the populationVeterans came home from the war and immediately got married and started having childrenShifts in DemographicsBecause of the large boom of returning population and the increase in babies being born may things were being madeThere was a huge demand for housing and suburbs were created to house all the new familiesTo get around there was now a huge need for cars to get to and from the suburbsCar ownership increased during this timeSupermarkets started to pop up everywhereCarsIn 1948 cars were designed to be luxurious as a symbol of newfound prosperityIn 1958 cars were more roomy and were designed to be able to transport more kidsIn 1968 cars were more funlooking and were not really for familiesHomesIn 1948 homes were very small and stereotypical perfect family types of homesIn 1958 homes were being built larger to accommodate for larger familiesIn 1968 homes began to have more stylish aspects
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